Purpose of contact seminar

Participation in this seminar in November 2016 allows time for establishing strong and sound partnerships and to prepare applications for funding from Nordplus for the deadline March 1 in 2017.

The Nordplus contact seminar covers all Nordplus programmes and is open to participants from all fields of education in search of partners from other Nordic and Baltic countries. The contact seminar enables participants to form partnerships, collaborate and share good practices.

In addition to the networking opportunities provided at the seminar the programme includes workshops on the three seminar themes and presentations on each Nordplus programme. The seminar offers professional guidance to each Nordplus programme and will also offer facilitation of group formation and partner finding.

The main objectives of the seminar are:

  • To share and explore ideas on inclusion, teacher education/continued professional development of teachers and educators and Nordic languages
  • To foster new partnerships among the participants
  • To develop concrete project ideas and proposals
  • To develop first steps of an application for Nordplus

More information about the structure and content of the seminar is found in the seminar programme.


If you have questions about the seminar and the participation please contact your national Nordplus office.


The Nordplus contact seminar provides a unique opportunity for Nordic and Baltic educational institutions to form partnerships, collaborate and share good practices. The possibilities for networking, the educational input and the administrative guidance available at the seminar give a sound ground for preparing a future Nordplus application.

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