Target groups

The seminar covers all Nordplus programmes and is open to any potential Nordplus applicant.

Collectively the Nordplus programmes include all levels of education representing the four main education sectors; school education, vocational education and training, adult education and higher education.

Here are the main target groups for each sub-programme:

Nordplus Junior

- kindergartens/pre-schools, primary/secondary schools and upper secondary schools (general or vocational), vocational schools and apprentice programmes.

Nordplus Higher Education

- private and public institutions in higher education including both universities and university colleges.

Nordplus Adult

- all types of organisations in the field of adult learning including institutions involved in adult teacher education, guidance counselor education, education for adults with special needs and institutions working with research, studies and analyses in adult learning.

Nordplus Horizontal

- cross-sector cooperation between all institutions, organisations and other actors working within education and lifelong learning.

Nordplus Nordic Language

- institutions and organizations on all levels in the education sectors working with or promoting Nordic languages such as universities and research institutions, schools, NGOs, associations and private companies.

Note that applicants to any Nordplus sub-programme must be an institution or an organisation - individual persons cannot apply to Nordplus.


If you have questions about the seminar and the participation please contact your national Nordplus office.


The Nordplus contact seminar provides a unique opportunity for Nordic and Baltic educational institutions to form partnerships, collaborate and share good practices. The possibilities for networking, the educational input and the administrative guidance available at the seminar give a sound ground for preparing a future Nordplus application.

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